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Splish Splash!


This morning we woke to gloomy skies and rain. I didn't mind, because I thought for sure it meant that Reuben could stay home from work. Unfortunately he had inside work, so we didn't get to spend the morning together. At least he got off early.

Anyway, I decided to let Helen go outside and play with her cousins (after donning her mud boots and rain coat). Then I realized that splashing in muddy puddles would make great photos. So, like a good mom, I aimed my camera at the kids and told them to jump! They of course loved it. Judah got a bit excited and splashed my camera (it's no worse for wear).


Growing Things!

Spring is such a tease in northern Minnesota. This year it started to get warm in March. But the weather fluctuated greatly, and we even had a few snow storms (through which my chives happily grew).

Now I think we are finally (fingers crossed) on the other side. Everything is starting to grow and green up. The high is 80 today! And there are thunderstorms in the forecast.

Kitchen Garden
My kitchen garden. I'm hoping to be better about keeping the weeds down this year. I'd like to grow some herbs and a few flowers.

This is a rather unconventional nest!

Hepatica Growing Through Leaf
When I saw that Breanna had found some hepaticas, I knew I needed to hunt them up. On Tuesday I took Helen out for a walk in the woods in the stroller and we gathered a bouquet.

I thought it was funny how this hepatica grew through a leaf.

So Happy!
Helen was happy to be able to hold a few flowers.

Hepaticas in an Espresso Cup
Hepaticas in an Espresso Cup
I decided to display the blooms in a light-blue espresso cup that I got from IKEA a few years ago.

Evening Light
Evening light!

Dandelion Headband
Dandelions were actually the first flowers that I found this spring. For some reason I was having a really hard time braiding a complete crown from them, so I just made a dandelion "headband" instead. 

As a side note, I've been enjoying the new VSCO free starter pack (VSCO Film 00) for Lightroom. I still have a lot of playing around to do, but it's fun experimenting with presets.

Also, it's been a tradition here on Simple Days to write a post when the hepaticas are blooming. Here are the ones from the past:

2009: Spring Day and My first post here on Simple Days!
2010: Part of my Photo-a-Day challenge.
2012: Spring is Here
2013: Not a blog post, just a photo on Instagram.
2014: Spring at Last!

What are the first flowers to bloom where you live?


Things Helen Says...

In the above photo Helen was sipping her "Carob Milk" (milk mixed with a bit of carob powder). It was a bit warm, thus the grimace. Shirt from Carter's. Leggings from threUP.

Our little munchkin is starting to say some pretty funny things. Here are a few that gave me a laugh:

She calls chickpeas "chicken peas."

While I was playing Pat-a-Cake with her, I sang, "And throw it waaaay up into the oven for -" and waited for her to fill in the blank. "Jesus!" she said.

"There's a muddy puddle in my foon (spoon)!" -- When her spoon got dirt on it.

"What's a woodpepper?" -- After I told her there was a woodpecker outside.

"Happy Birthday to you. And many more for you, Mommy!"

To her teddy bear: "You were in Mommy's belly, remember that?"

"Daddy's big girl undies!" -- When she saw Reuben's underwear.

After I pretended to leave for work with Reuben: "Don't go with Daddy. It's cold. Where's your mittens?"

"Happy Birthday to you and many more. Where's my cake?"

Once morning when I went to get her our of bed she said, "Susanna!" We had seen a picture of a little girl by that name at some friends' house and she talks about her every once in a while. After I picked her up she said, "Ho-Susanna. In the highest. Sing it, Mommy!"

"I can't say it any-gain."

"I can do it all by my selfie."

"That is icky. I don't want to see it." -- After seeing me clip my fingernails.

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Rascal Robin

Rascal Robin
Rascal Robin

For about a week, a robin has been pestering us. He sits on our trash can and then flies into our picture window. He must see his reflection and thinks it's another bird. I hope he gives up soon because he leaves his "presents" on our trashcan and smears up our window.

You can see a short clip of him below:


Toddler Curls!

Toddler Curls!
Toddler Curls!
Toddler Curls!
Toddler Curls!

You GUYS. I managed to curl Helen's hair! 

She had just taken a bath. I twisted her hair into little buns and secured them by crisscrossing bobby pins. I tied her hair up in a scarf to keep her from messing with it. We took them out after about an hour, and she had curls! 

I can't wait until her hair is thicker and longer so I can curl it more easily. Maybe I'll have to invest in some tiny foam rollers as well...

P.S. -- Sorry about the cheese. She was hungry. ;) 


Easter 2015

Easter 2015
The kids, all dressed up for Easter Sunday.

Easter 2015

Helen's outfit details:
Dress: Gymboree via thredUP | Similar
Cardigan: Gap via thredUP | Same 
Shoes: Gift

Helen's dress was actually meant to be her Easter dress last year. It was ridiculously too big, which is strange since it's size 12-18 month. It fit her perfectly this year! I love the watercolor flowers on the skirt. 

Easter 2015
Hunting for eggs!

Easter 2015
So proud of her find.



35 Random Facts About Me

That's Me

Well now, I thought it might be fun to let you guys know a few more personal things about myself. I based this list off of the "TMI Tag" that's made its rounds on YouTube, but I edited out questions that were irrelevant (or I just didn't feel like answering).

Here we go:

1 What are you wearing? A pink sweatshirt (it's cold in our house!) and a tiered denim skirt (all my PJ pants are dirty and I didn't want to wear jeans anymore). 
2 Ever had a terrible breakup? No, in fact I've never broken up with anyone. 
3 How tall are you? 5'2" and a bit.
4 How much do you weigh? Last time I weighed myself (about a month ago) I was 108.
5 Any piercings? Yes - my earlobes.
6 Favorite show? Usually whatever I'm watching at the time. I'm enjoying Pinocchio (a Korean drama) at the moment. Reuben and I watch Top Gear, Chopped, and Top Shot together. 
7 Favorite bands? Relient K, Owl City, Anberlin (earlier work, such as Cities, Blueprints, and Never Take Friendship).
8 Something you miss? Being able to play the piano (my wrist is strained and it aches if I play the piano).
9 How old are you? I turned 25 on January 17. 

Reuben at 17
[Reuben at 17 years old. I had a major crush on him.]
    10 Quality you look for in a partner? One thing that really attracted me to Reuben was how smart he was. He inspired me.
    11 Favorite Quote? "Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." C.S. Lewis
    12 Favorite actor? Hmmm...I don't tend to have favorite actors, but I always enjoy Park Shin Hye's performances (though she was a BIT annoying in Flower Boy Next Door).
    13 Loud music or soft? Loud if I'm doing the dishes, quiet if I'm trying to eat or have a conversation.
    14 Where do you go when you're sad? Anywhere that I can be alone, which is usually my bedroom.
    15 How long does it take you to shower? Usually about 7-10 minutes, I would estimate. Unless it's a cold day and I'm trying to warm up.
    16 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I really had to get ready in a flash, I could do it in about 15 minutes. If I'm taking my time (and having to get Helen ready as well), it takes me a good 30-40 minutes. If I'm getting fancy for a night out (which would involve curling my hair, doing my makeup, and putting together an outfit), it's probably close to an hour. 
    17 Ever been in a physical fight? Not unless you count fights with my sisters. 
    18 Turn on? Confidence. The ability to take charge of a situation.
    19 Turn off? Indecision about everything. And inability to admit when you're wrong. 
    20 Fears? Spiders. Making a fool of myself. Losing a loved one. 
    21 Last time you said you loved someone? A few minutes ago, to Reuben.
    22 Last book you read? The Blue Castle. It was good, but the hero was a bit too enamored with little animals.
    23 The book you're currently reading? The Bible.
    24 Last show you watched? Pinocchio and Chopped.
    25 Last person you talked to? Reuben.
    26 The relationship between you and the person you last texted? I last texted Janna, my eldest sister.

    English muffins make pretty good burger buns. #vscocam #latergram

    27 Favorite food? You know I can't choose just one: Pizza, good quality ice cream, sushi, homemade burgers, seaweed snacks, a meal I didn't cook. 
    28 Place you want to visit? Realistically? Washington and Oregon. In my dream world? Bora Bora and Italy.
    29 Last time you kissed someone? A few minutes ago: Reuben.
    30 Last time you were insulted? I can't remember the last time someone REALLY insulted me - my little brother probably comes the closest.
    31 Favorite flavor of sweet? Hands down, dark chocolate.
    32 What instruments do you play? Piano. I learned to play violin a little when I was 2 1/2, and I picked up a tiny bit of mandolin when I was a teenager.
    33 Favorite piece of jewelry? My star ear pins, even though they're kind of falling apart. 
    34 Last sport you played? We went skiing last weekend. Before that, probably volleyball.
    35 Last song you sang? "Amen, Praise the Lord" from Psalty. For Helen.

    Now it's your turn! Choose five of these questions and answer them in the comments. I want to get to know you a bit better!

    Note: some links are affiliate. All opinions are my own.

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