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The Hepaticas are Here

The Hepaticas are Here
As I'm sure I've mentioned before on my blog, Hepaticas are the sign that spring has really truly come to northern Minnesota.

Of course we had snow the other day, but that's for another post.


Here in northern Minnesota, spring is temperamental. Some days the sun warms you enough to make you dream of summer and going to the beach. Some days are so dreary and windy that you wonder if winter is really gone.

This was back in February. Granted, it wasn't technically spring yet. But it was so warm that I took the kids outside without hats, with the snow still piled on the ground.

MuTu System Review and Final Results

I can't believe I'm finished with MuTu!

I completed the 12-week program, and I'd like to share my final thoughts and results with y'all.

If you'd like to start from the beginning, here are my previous posts about my MuTu journey: