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He's Walking!

He's Walking!
Last Wednesday, James finally decided he would give walking a try. Watch this video for proof:

She's Four! | Interview with My 4-Year-Old

She's Four!

On February 13, Helen turned 4 years old!

I decided to do a little birthday interview with her. Hopefully I can keep it up in years to come! It would be fun to compare her answers.

MuTu System: 6-Week Update

MuTu System 6-Week Update

So. I've completed the first 6 weeks of the MuTu System! Here are my thoughts on the program so far:

First, what is the MuTu System?

As I mentioned in my previous post, the MuTu System is an exercise program that aims to help you heal your diastasis recti, get you aligned properly, and strengthen your core.

I definitely developed a diastasis recti during both of my pregnancies. I closed it after my first pregnancy, and I'd like to do it again this time around.