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Morgan and Katelyn's Wedding

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
I can't believe my littlest sister is married!

I wasn't able to snap very many photos and the lighting wasn't the greatest, but I thought y'all might like to see them anyway.

Morgan and Katelyn's Wedding

Since there were going to be FOUR flower girls in my sister's wedding, I decided it would be a good idea to have some snacks prepared for them. On Friday night, I put together a bag for each of them: raisins, organic cheddar bunnies, potato chips, seaweed snacks...I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be enough to keep them sane during the ceremony.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding

Katelyn decided to take pictures beforehand, so the flower girls had to be all dressed up by 12:00 noon. I was busy from 10:30 until noon doing the bride and all the bridesmaids' makeup, so I wasn't able to oversee Helen's attire very well. Her hair was a bit of a disaster during pictures.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
I was able to fix it up a bit before the ceremony.

This is how you keep four flower girls entertained.

Morgan and Katelyn's Wedding
My sister-in-law was the guest book attendant and program distributor. She looked like a regular disco ball with the sun shining on her sequined dress.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding

Here come the groomsmen...

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
All lined up. Reuben was the best man.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Waiting for his bride...

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
My sister Amanda was the maid of honor.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Here come the flower girls!

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Bella and Susan were so cute...

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Helen froze partway, (I predicted something of the kind would happen), so Mollie escorted her the rest of the way.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
And here comes the bride!

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Together at last.

I LOVE Katelyn's dress.

Morgan and Katelyn's Wedding
Helen behaved herself pretty well throughout the ceremony. I think the snacks really helped.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Bridesmaids all lined up.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Father of the groom singing.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
Listening to the special music. I find it funny how serious Morgan looks.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
The Kiss.

Morgan & Katelyn's Wedding
I didn't get many photos of the reception, which was a dessert buffet. Everything was gorgeous. My dad and brother-in-law made lattes as well, which was super swag.

So there's a bit of a recap of the wedding. Here's to many happy years of marriage for Morgan and Katelyn!


38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

 photo 38 Weeks.jpgI decided to go ahead and update you at 38 weeks, in case I don't get the chance to do another pregnancy update...

Weight this week: 139 pounds - up 2.5 pounds from 2 weeks ago!

Measurement around (used-to-be) waist: 33" (1" bigger than last time)

Measurement around belly: 38" (1/2 inch bigger than last time)

How big is baby? My midwife estimated that baby is around 7 pounds. According to Baby Center, baby is now about 6.8 pounds and is about 19 1/2 inches long.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new. I purchased a nursing tank top, though.

Movement: The last few days this baby's movements have felt different. It feels like baby is lower, and the movements are slower.

Cravings: Carbs carbs carbs. The other night I randomly wanted buttered pasta.

Aversions: Nothing really. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD.

Aches/Pains: My back used to hurt when I was sleeping, but now it's my legs. I'm not sure which is worse! Also, there's seems to be pressure on my right leg. And I'll get a cramp in my right calf occasionally.

I also have pain in my upper left abdomen lately. And I accidentally (obviously) slammed my belly in our chest freezer yesterday. That really hurt! So my right side is a bit tender.

Sleep: We purchased a new mattress! It seems to have a lot more support than our old one. I like that it's all-natural, so I won't have to worry about it off-gassing on our new baby. Hopefully it lasts for a while!

Fitness: Still working out 4 times a week! I'm also doing deep squats, rock-backs, etc. in preparation for labor.

My midwife thinks that I'll have this baby soonish. Baby is pretty low!

And that's my 38 week pregnancy update!

 photo output_qAr6NM.gif

Here is a gif of my growing belly! Weeks 6-38


Lutsen Ski Trip 2016

Lutsen Trip 2016
A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip (along with a few other families) to Lutsen Mountains

A friend of ours that headed up the trip secured a condo for the families to share (this is the condo right next to ours).

Lutsen Trip 2016
Morning in the condo!

All the skiers were in a bit of hustle to get going and get on the hills. Most of the moms (including me: I am NOT willing to ski while in my third trimester) stayed in the condo to watch the little kiddos. 

Lutsen Trip 2016
Story time! I brought a few books, and picked up a few more at thrift stores on the way to Lutsen.

Lutsen Trip 2016
We (and by "we" I mean Reuben) decided to take Helen out skiing!

Lutsen Trip 2016
Riding on the lift for the first time!

Lutsen Trip 2016
It was a beautiful day, though pretty cloudy (bad for visibility on the slopes).

Lutsen Trip 2016
The magic carpet is a MUCH better choice for small children.

Lutsen Trip 2016
Helen enjoyed skiing, but she would need a lot more practice to be able to go down the hill by herself. She likes Daddy to hold her up.

Our bedroom in the condo.

Lutsen Trip 2016
The view from our bedroom window.

Lutsen Trip 2016
The condo on the other side of ours.

Lutsen Trip 2016
Keeping the kids entertained with videos on the iPad.

Lutsen Trip 2016
Lunch time!

Lutsen Trip 2016
Lutsen Trip 2016
After staying 3 nights (skiing 2 days), it was time to pack up and head home. 

Lutsen Trip 2016
We drove home in the snow.

It was a very fun trip. I hope we can do something similar again one day!

Have you ever been skiing?


36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

36 WeeksWeight this week: 136.4 pounds

Measurement around (used-to-be) waist: 32" (1.5" bigger than last time)

Measurement around belly: 37.5" (2 inches bigger than last time)

How big is baby? At 34 weeks, my midwife estimated that baby was between 4.5 and 5 pounds. According to Baby Center, baby is now almost 6 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I picked up a few sweaters at a thrift store. Since it's so close to my due date, I'm more interested in purchasing nursing-friendly clothes...

Movement: It's weird to watch the movement sometimes - it really deforms my belly!

Cravings: No new cravings. I decided to go on a "real food" cleanse for the last month, so of course I've been wanting all the foods I've decided I can't have. ;)

Aversions: Nothing really.

Aches/Pains: My body is just feeling done with being pregnant. I have less and less energy. If I do a photo shoot for my food blog, I'm basically shot the next day. Braxton Hicks contractions also seem to be picking up. And this baby feels so high! It's getting harder for me to breathe.

Sleep: My legs are starting to give me pain while I sleep.

Fitness: I've been working out 4 days a week pretty consistently. Hopefully it helps with labor!

Also, I've starting eating dates. I've read that it can help you to have an easier labor.

And that's my 36 week pregnancy update!

You can compare this week with my 37 week update from last pregnancy HERE.

Weeks 6-36


Our Tree, 2015

Our Tree 2015
I know Christmas has come and gone. Our tree is quickly losing its needles, and we need to throw it out. But I wanted to document our tree here on Simple Days. Sometimes looking back at my blog is the best way for me to remember little moments from years past.

Our Tree 2015
This was an evolving tree. It started out pretty bare-boned because we only had a few non-breakable ornaments on hand (with a toddler helping to decorate the tree, I decided to opt for shatter resistant ornaments). 

We kept adding new things as December went on: paper snowflakes, ornaments that the kids decorated themselves...

Our Tree 2015
Felt ornaments...

Our Tree 2015
Cinnamon ornaments (these smell so good), a new batch of red ornaments from Target, etc.

Our Tree 2015
Most of my wrapping paper came from IKEA this year. It had a Scandinavian vibe.

Our Tree 2015
And of course I had to take a Christmas light bokeh shot.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and that the new year brings you much joy and blessings.

How did you decorate your Christmas tree this year?


Helen's First Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar 04
This year, I decided to make an advent calendar for Helen for the first time. 
Advent calendars were never something that we did as a kid, but all of the cute ideas floating around Pinterest inspired me. It looked so fun!

Helen's Advent Calendar
I'm so glad that I did it. I got heaps of enjoyment out of planning/making it, and Helen has really been enjoying opening it every day.

Advent Calendar 02
I purchased some small, square, kraft paper envelopes from Hobby Lobby. I decorated them with various styles using a sharpie pen, labels from IKEA, and a white colored pencil.

I strung up some red and white baker's twine on pins (we have sheetrock walls), and attached the envelopes using mini wooden clothespins.

Helen's Advent Calendar
I filled the envelopes with stickers, treats, ornaments, paper dolls, jingle bells, activities, etc. 

Here's a breakdown of how I planned each day:
1 Stickers
2 Read a Christmas Story
3 Make Doughnuts + Drink Coffee
4 Ornament
5 Paper Doll
6 Stickers
7 Make Cinnamon Ornaments
8 Paper Doll
9 Treat
10 Go Sledding
11 Jingle Bells
12 Color a Christmas Picture
13 Stickers
14 Paper Doll
15 Make Gingerbread House
16 Treat
17 Ornament
18 Make Paper Snowflakes
19 Stickers
20 Paper Doll
21 Jingle Bells
22 Watch a Christmas Movie
23 Stickers
24 Ornament

I had to delay/switch/skip a few days due to weather (there was no snow when we were supposed to go sledding!) or poor planning (I forgot to buy cinnamon for making the ornaments).

It's going to be a bit sad when we're all done with the advent calendar! Ah well, there's always next year...

Did you ever do an advent calendar as a kid? What sorts of things did you get in it?

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