Stocking Up for Fall: Simple Days

by Erica Lea


Stocking Up for Fall

thredUP Haul
Helen has been growing so much lately. Pants that used to drag on the floor fit just right; shirts that used to fit don't cover her tummy. I realized that she won't have enough warm clothes this fall. I had some credit on thredUP, so of course I couldn't resist stocking up on some adorable pieces.

Stocking Up for Fall
Here's what I got: Printed leggings. These are oh-so-cute - love them! A chunky red sweater. I love knits on kids. And a frilly little plaid skirt.

Ready for Fall
Here she is wear the sweater and skirt. The leggings don't fit her quite yet. The shoes were also a purchase from thredUP. I can't believe she fits them already!

Ready for Fall

I'm pretty sure I'll need to buy more warm clothes eventually - this is just a mini haul. I can't wait! I love shopping for Helen.

By the way, if you use any of my links in this post to sign up for thredUP, you'll receive a $20 credit to spend as you please, and I'll get a $10 credit. But hurry: this offer is only good until September 15. After then, you'll only get a $10 credit (which is still an awesome deal).

Have you started shopping for fall yet?


  1. Helen is so adorable, and you are so good at finding cute clothing for her!

    1. Aw, thanks! I think she's pretty adorable as well. :D


  3. I recently used ThredUp for the first time and loved it! I originally made an account with your link so hopefully you got a credit! I hope to buy more soon - maybe for my toddler as well. They grow too fast!


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